A valuable gift from nature

To help with relaxation, aid digestion, relieve pain or boost bile flow – the uses of herbs are as diverse as the herbs themselves. People have always made use of the power of herbs for healing or for enjoyment.

Books about herbs contains part of this knowledge, and we created a brochure based on these writings.

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Herbal compresses

Compresses with herbs and water have been used for thousands of years to relieve health complaints in a natural way. They can help with tension, anxiety and fever, for example.

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Herbal tea

The ancient Egyptians were already familiar with the healing power of herbs, while the Greeks and the Romans built on this knowledge and developed herbal teas of all kinds. Tea can revive, calm, aid digestion and – last but by no means least – it also tastes great.

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Culinary herbs

Salt and pepper both have their place, but where would we be without herbs? The fresher and more natural, the better. True connoisseurs, therefore, like to supplement their spice rack with herbs from their own garden.

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Essential oils

Why do some herbs have such a powerful and captivating fragrance? The secret lies in the essential oils, compounds that can be extracted by means of distillation or compression, for example.

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